Fujikawa Uchihagane Nomi Gouge Chisel set of 6

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This set of 6 includes:

  • 6mm
  • 9mm
  • 12mm
  • 18mm
  • 24mm
  • 36mm

Uchihagane Oire (pronounced oo-chee-hag-ar-nay) are laminated Japanese outcannel carving gouges of similar size and dimensions to standard oire nomi bench chisels.

Uchihagane can be used upside down for convex surfaces or with the hollow up for concave ones.

Unlike western carving gouges, Japanese gouges come in a single sweep and have rounded cutting edges, early English gouges were similar with only four sweeps and radiussed edges until S J Addis introduced the Italian style of straight edged carving tools that came to be known as 'London pattern'. If you search YouTube for "Edo wood Sculpture Techniques" you'll get a better idea of how Japanese carving gouges are used.

Specification, steel and quality are the same as Fujikawa professional bench chisels, with white paper steel and the carefully developed heat treatment that makes it harder and tougher than blue.

Approximate Measurements:

Size  Overall Length Handle Length  Useable Blade Length
6mm (¼") 216mm (8½") 95mm (3¾") 54mm (2⅛")
9mm (⅜") 222mm (8¾") 96mm (3¾") 58mm (2¼")
12mm (½") 224mm (8⅞") 96mm (3¾") 54mm (2⅛")
18mm (¾") 217mm (8½") 95mm (3¾") 54mm (2⅛")
24mm (1") 217mm (8½") 92mm (3") 57mm (2¼")
36mm (1⅜") 225mm (8⅞") 94mm (3¾") 58mm (2¼")