Gyokucho 610 Ryoba Seiun Saku Saw 240mm

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The Gyokucho 610 is the standard Ryoba for carpentry and joinery work, with slightly coarser teeth, a thicker slightly more forgiving plate and a more aggressive feed rate than the furniture maker's Ryoba Komame, it just has a little more Grrrr for people who need to crack on with the job whilst still enjoying laser beam accuracy.

The teeth are very hard and long lasting, and the nickel plated blade resists corrosion and resin buildup. If you stick to wood and keep away from nails one blade should last for several years of daily use, whether in hardwoods or softwoods.

Cautionary note: you will get comments if you pull out a Japanese saw on a UK site but don't worry. When they see your work going faster, coming out neater, and your saw going home with you at the end of the job instead of into the skip, they'll soon work it out.

  • Blade length: 240mm
  • Overall length: 605mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.5mm
  • Blade depth: 95mm to 105mm
  • Crosscut pitch: 1.7mm/ 14.9tpi
  • Progressive rip pitch: 2.5mm to 3.9mm / 10 to 6.5 tpi
  • Maximum depth of cut: unlimited
  • Traditional rattan wrapped paulownia wood handle
  • Replacement blade: Part No S610

The TPE handle version can be found here - Gyokucho 661 TPE Seiun Saku Ryoba 240mm