Gyokucho TS129 Ultra Thin Precision Dozuki Saw 180mm

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The Gyokucho TS129 Kami No Utsuwa Dozuki is an exquisitely refined saw for first class precision joinery.

Japanese saws are efficient because their thin plate removes less material, in the Gyokucho TS129 this principle is taken to its logical extreme and the result is the dovetail saw equivalent of a Ferrari.

The plate is just 15 hundredths of a mm thick (about one and a half times the thickness of a human hair) this means that this saw will produce a finished kerf that would fit within the thickness of the plate on a standard Gyokucho dozuki.

Rip teeth with alternate top bevels provide excellent performance in all grain directions, you can only get away with it on very fine saws but the performance is equal to dedicated rip or crosscut teeth.

All of the usual Gyokucho refinements are present - electroless nickel plating on the blade to shrug of resin and corrosion, individually case hardened teeth with a tough core and cutting surfaces harder than a file, and precision setting so the saw cuts straight and true.

In order to control all of that performance, the TS129 has been given a solid Japanese white oak handle. This brings the balance of the saw closer to your body and by moving your grip up or down the handle you can choose how much of the saw's weight is over the teeth, exercising restraint for surgically precise results or moving your hand further down to cut with more speed and confidence.

Recommended for those who already have some experience using Japanese saws.

  • Blade length: 180mm
  • Blade thickness: 0.15mm
  • 25tpi
  • Cutting width: 0.25mm
  • Max cutting depth 40mm