Hand Forged Kozuchi Dog's Head Forging Hammer

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The traditional choice in both Japan and the UK for smithing thin flat workpieces, asymmetric or 'dogs head' forging hammers have an offset head that naturally hangs plumb, causing the face to remain square, resulting in consistent, repeatable, flat, parallel strikes and an accurate surface requiring less grinding.

An excellent hammer for bladesmithing and finishing work, the Kozuchi is less fatiguing to use and in the long run kinder to the user's body than a balanced hammer.

Hand forged under the watchful eye of master Sato, the 600g / 1-¼ lb head is fitted with a slightly closed handle in resilient Japanese white oak.

  • Weight: 600g
  • Head: 86mm x 34mm diameter
  • Overall Length: 300mm
  • Handle: Japanese White Oak