Higonokami Shirogami White Paper Steel Folding Pocket Knife + FREE Handmade Leather Pouch

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Comes with a FREE handmade soft barenia calf leather pouch, worth £12.50.

This is a genuine handmade Higonokami knife, made by Mr Nagao, the last remaining blacksmith in the guild that is allowed to make Higonokami. They are a simple, cleverly designed, hardworking tool that has remained virtually unchanged in over a century.

For those that prefer a little more luxury in their rustic pocket knife, this Higonokami has a laminated blade made from Shirogami White Paper Steel. This traditional blade shape was offered on early higonokamis and falls somewhere between a willow leaf and a lambsfoot. Folded brass handle with decorated design surrounding the holding rivet.

Carrying a pocket knife in the UK used to be completely normal. After years of not carrying one it is refreshingly liberating and civilised to be able to fetch a nice bit of laminated Japanese steel out of your pocket when you need to open a box, or packet instead of tearing it. As long as the knife conforms to regulations (this one does) and you use it responsibly, this simple pleasure is perfectly legal.

  • Blade length: 75mm
  • Blade thickness: approx 3.2mm
  • Case length: 95mm
  • Case width: 18mm