Hishika Handmade Japanese Replacement Blade for Dozuki 210mm

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This sublimely smooth cutting handmade Japanese saw, made by Hishika in Miki City, combines the very best of traditional Japanese sawsmithing with some subtle custom tweaks that make it particularly suitable for western materials and joinery techniques.

If you commissioned a custom Japanese saw with a hand forged, hand scraped, fully hardened blade, designed for dovetailing mild hardwoods, this is what you would get.

Forging makes the steel want to be straight, if you get the light just right you may be able to detect the tiny hammer marks in the blade. Scraping creates a subtle taper back from the toothline so that the saw won’t bind, and hardening the whole blade makes it stiff and supremely accurate.

The extra stiffness actually makes them a little bit easier to use than replaceable blade saws, however, it also makes them highly intolerant of abuse, please don't use it when you're in a rush or let anyone borrow it.

Begin on the far edge of the timber with a full but extremely light stroke. The saw will cut at full efficiency under its own weight, so gradually allow more of the saw's weight to be borne by the timber, resisting any temptation to apply downward pressure. If you want to go a little faster once the cut is established, gradually increase the emphasis on the pull part of the stroke, then ease up again as you approach your baseline.

This saw has been filed and heat treated appropriately for use in small section mild hardwoods for dovetailing and other light joinery tasks, the teeth are filed for ripping down the grain. Used correctly, it will remain sharp for years if not decades. Resharpening this type of saw is the work of the metate or Japanese saw doctor. This can be done by post and is usually quoted on an individual basis once the metate has seen the saw. If the saw has been used hard or damaged, be prepared for the possibility that it may be more cost efficient to replace it.

If you are a confident and experienced user of Japanese handsaws and work in a calm, relaxed, methodical way, this precision instrument will give you the most refined hand sawing experience possible.

Note: These handmade saws are not for beginners and are more suited to the experienced user. Our lifetime warranty does not apply to broken/damaged saw blades.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Blade length: 210mm (8¼")
  • Blade spine thickness: 0.23mm
  • Blade toothline thickness: 0.29mm
  • Blade tang thickness: 0.9mm
  • 25tpi
  • Set: 0.05mm per side
  • Maximum depth of cut: 50mm (2")