Hishika Handmade Japanese Dozuki Saw for Hardwood / Exotics (rip) 210mm

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Developed specifically for making accurate cuts along the grain in hard timbers, including exotics, this handmade saw from Hishika is an absolute gem.

The plate is carefully scraped to thickness with an inverse taper grind, 0.35mm directly behind the toothline to 0.5mm below the spine and just enough set to clear, giving as much support and rigidity as possible.

Handmade saws are more delicate than replaceable blade saws and must be used with great care and reverence. No downward pressure is required, the weight of the saw is full throttle.

Note: These handmade saws are not for beginners and are more suited to the experienced user. Our lifetime warranty does not apply to broken/damaged saw blades.

  • Useable Blade length: 210mm (8.26" approx)
  • Blade thickness: (centre .42), (toothline 1.62), (tang 1.06)
  • 17 tpi 
  • Overall length: 573mm (22.55" approx)
  • Handle length: 300mm (11.81" approx)
  • Maximum depth of cut: 53mm (2.08 approx)