Hishika Handmade Japanese Replacement Blade for Flush Cutting Saw 180mm


Replacement blade for the light and highly flexible Hishika flush cutting saw. The unset teeth are perfect for trimming dowels, plugs and through tenons to be flush with the surrounding surface.

Hishika saws are handmade in Miki, Japan in the finest traditions of the Japanese sawmaking craft. A team of experienced sawsmiths

Caution: Do not bend the blade more than 45 degrees relative to the surface, our lifetime warranty does not apply to broken/damaged saw blades.

  • Useable Blade Length: 172mm
  • 24 tpi
  • Blade thickness: (centre .87), (toothline .89), (tang .99)
  • Overall length: 303mm 
  • Maximum depth of cut: Unlimited