HNT Gordon Tail Vice 150mm

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The HNT Gordon tail vice or wagon vice is designed to be completely enclosed in the benchtop, with just the knurled knob protruding from the side of the bench and a removable brass dog that drops into a slot from above. This unobtrusive design allows for any piece of wood to be lightly pinched against your dogs, sitting flat and fully supported on the top of your bench; this gives you easy access to the whole top surface of the board without losing the capacity to have the full flat bench surface available whenever you need it.

The supplied ¼" height removable dog can be replaced with ones of different heights (available separately) depending on the work at hand. The dogs can also be used anywhere you can drill a half inch hole, so they're quite handy things to have around.

The 100mm version has less throw, so you need more dog holes, but the whole setup is a little bit faster to use. The 150mm version needs fewer holes in the bench but may take fractionally longer to adjust for different sized workpieces.

  • Body: 32mm x 35mm x 370mm long
  • ACME thread: ⅝" (15.8mm) 6 tpi for a quick moving action
  • Travel: 150mm (just over)
  • Comes with a ¼" high solid brass dog for low profile work
  • Bench dog holes: 150mm or less apart
  • Installation Guide included
  • Weight: 1.6kg
  • Manufactured in Australia

You will need to cut a mortice in the benchtop and make a wooden cover plate to go over the top of the vice, the cover is then planed level with the top.