HNT Gordon Tilting Vice Jaw

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The HNT Gordon Tilting Vice Jaw is designed to enhance the useability of the HNT Gordon front vice by enabling tapered workpieces (including compound tapers) to be held just as securely as parallel ones.

This clever attachment restores the useful aspect of jaw racking, but on your terms (i.e. without uneven clamping force pinching one side of the work harder than the other). The movable jaw is self aligning, so when you reposition the workpiece it will find the new surface arrangement and conform to it. It is important to keep the pivot point against part of the surface being clamped.

The jaw engages in a shallow half inch hole drilled into the side of the bench and the faceplate rotates on a brass knuckle, The tension on the brass knuckle can be adjusted by simply loosening two grub screws and loosening / tightening the threaded knuckle cap, and then nipping up the grub screws to retain your setting.

  • 150mm x 50mm
  • Requires a shallow½" dog hole in the back jaw / side of the bench
  • 16deg tilt in any direction
  • Manufactured in Australia