HNT Gordon Non-Racking Front Vice


Conceived, designed and manufactured in Australia by Terry Gordon, the HNT Gordon front vice employs the elegantly simple principle that two well fitting concentric cylinders cannot rack. Because the jaw surface squeezes evenly on the work, without pinching one side more than the other, you can therefore hold it more securely with less pressure.

Attached to the bench from below by four bolts (not included), the vice sits parallel to the front edge of the bench and will hold parallel work with great ease and solidity. For work in the rough or very slightly out of parallel we recommend using a bench leather or lining one of the jaw faces. For holding work that is significantly out of parallel a tilting face is available that locates into a shallow dog hole bored into the edge of the bench.

The durability and reliability of the HNT Gordon front vice has been extensively proven through five years of daily use in Terry's own workshop, making his extensive range of world class wooden handplanes, spokeshaves, mallets and other tools. The vice has stood up beautifully to the daily workload and the small time savings accruing from absence of racking and improved workholding have been found to add up considerably over time.

  • Jaw: 160mm x 230mm
  • For bench tops made, packed out or morticed to 74mm thickness
  • Opening Capacity: 150mm
  • Hidden Thread: 6 tpi ACME for fast smooth action
  • Complete and ready for installation - with just 4 bolts
  • Supplied with installation guide
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Simply gorgeous!