King 1200/8000 grit Japanese Combination Waterstone

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Premium quality synthetic 1200/8000 grit Japanese Waterstone (medium / extra fine). If you are new to Japanese water stones this is an excellent place to start. The 1200 side produces a fine slightly misted finish and will produce a secondary bevel in a few strokes, The 8000 side, correctly prepared with a Nagura stone (not included), creates a high polish for a truly mouth-watering edge.

If using this stone on its own we recommend using secondary and tertiary bevels.

We recommend the use of a Nagura stone (available separately) to de-glaze the surface of the 8000 grit side and develop a cutting slurry on the surface.

The 1200/8000 grit combination waterstone is 185mm x 63mm x 25mm