Japanese Waterstone Sharpening Kit (Deluxe)


The complete King Japanese waterstone sharpening kit for professional results.

The coarse 220 grit water stone removes material quickly - ideal for restoring primary cutting bevels and initial back flattening. The 1000 grit waterstone produces a finely misted finish that forms the basis of the polish. The surface is then refined by polishing through the previous finish, first on the 4000 grit waterstone, then the 6000 grit waterstone and finally the 10,000 grit waterstone for the ultimate finish.

The deluxe waterstone kit also includes a Nagura dressing stone in with the 10,000 waterstone to rejuvenate the surface of that and the 6000 grit waterstone, drywall screen for flattening, a thin washable rubber mat that provides grip without being too squidgey and 250ml Shield Technology HoneRite Gold (sufficient to make 6 litres of water non-corrosive).

This deluxe waterstone kit is designed to give professional results for situations where an extremely fine polish is required.

Supplied with a free spray bottle (may vary from image)

Regular price if items purchased individually: £ 231.40