Knew Concepts

Knew Concepts

Bring precision to your woodworking with Knew Concepts Saws - the ultimate choice for discerning artisans. These innovative saws are made in the United States using high-tech aerospace materials and techniques andcombine cutting-edge technology with superior craftsmanship, delivering unmatched performance. These state-of-the-art jewellers saws and coping saws feel practically weightless in the hand and the frame is very stiff so you get great tension and exceptional control. With tension-adjustable blades, achieve the perfect cut every time. Trusted by woodworkers worldwide, Knew Concepts Saws redefine the art of sawing.

What makes Knew Concepts Saws so special.

The new heavy duty range of jewellers saws from Knew Concepts applies the braced design and thicker material used in the 6.5" blade Knew Concepts coping saw, to the 5" blade jewellers saw range.

By sacrificing a tiny bit of weight (they are still very light indeed) this design gives the frame greater strength, rigidity and durability. Rather than three positions on the swivel blade version, the Mk4 HD has eight stops - i.e. every 45 degrees.

They still use standard 5" plain ended blades - available in a massive range of pitches and tooth configurations. In short, the best just got even better!

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