Liogier Modellers Rasp #15 150mm


Modellers rasps are named for modélistes (pattern makers), also known as effilé (slender), they are unsurprisingly a slender halfround rasp traditionally favoured by patternmakers.

The profile is a little bit narrower and fatter than a halfround, and quite a lot narrower and fatter than a cabinet rasp. They are lovely for creating tight radius roundovers where shapes meet, as you would when blending out any sharp corners in a casting that might provide origins for cracks in the metal as it cools.

The key to a Liogier rasp's performance is in the craftsmanship, meticulously perfecting each stage before moving on to the next. The blanks are beautifully forged, ground and polished before a stitcher even gets near them. The blank is treated with ever increasing reverence as more time is invested in it, and when the lengthy stitching process is complete, it goes on to the transformational stage of heat treatment where the crystalline structure of the steel is carefully reset into a hard, tough, and above all wear resistant material.

Before it can receive it's plump, narrow waisted beechwood handle, proudly marked with the Liogier logo, the newly created tool is gently wafted with compressed air and ground walnut shells to gently clean the steel to a smooth matte surface.

The rasp is now ready to enter service with it's new owner.

It is important to keep your rasps free of wood debris that can attract and hold moisture against the surface. A brass bristled brush is the ideal tool for cleaning the teeth, for greater protection we highly recommend storing in an enclosed space with an open pot of Shield Technology ToolGuard VCI.

Diameter: 11mm

Thickness 3.5mm

Grain No. 15