Marples Beech Dovetail Marker

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Handmade in Sheffield by Joseph Marples exclusively for Workshop Heaven, these dovetail markers are made of beech with a brass face and blued steel blade secured with three brass rivets.

Dovetail joints are commonly used in woodworking to join two pieces of wood together at right angles, such as in drawers or boxes. Dovetail markers are used for laying out dovetail joinery and usually come in two different ratios.

The 1:6 ratio produces a stronger but perhaps less elegant joint than the 1:8 version. Often preferred for use on softer timbers, the 1:6 ratio is also good for concealed dovetails where strength is the only consideration.

The 1:8 ratio produces a more refined and attractive joint than the 1:6. Usually used on harder timbers, the 1:8 is commonly used for feature dovetails, slender London pattern dovetails on drawer fronts, or perhaps the more complex hounds tooth pattern.

Our dovetail markers are hand finished with Peacock Oil.