Marples Rosewood Try Square 19B 9"

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Handmade in Sheffield by Joseph Marples, this beautifully made brass bound rosewood 9" try square has a hot blued steel blade secured with three brass and steel loveless bolts.

All Marples try squares are manufactured to BS3322. Each square is tested for accuracy twice during manufacture and again immediately prior to despatch to us. The squares are tested on both the inside and outside faces, our specification for the internal angle is twice as accurate as that specified in the British Standard, an accuracy better than 0.01mm/10mm blade length.

Carpenter's try squares are designed for squaring across sawn boards in preparation for sawing to length. Because the outcome can only be as good as the sawn surface that the stock is registered against, there is a limit to how much accuracy is relevant and this is reflected in the standard. Try squares can be adjusted and should be regarded as a means of carrying squareness from a master square to the work.

  • Inside blade length 9"
  • Overall length 11"
  • Stock length 6¼"
  • Conforms with British Standard 3322 specification for carpenters' squares and bevels