Morrison/Clico Scotch Nose Wagon Bits

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New/old stock from the Clico (formerly Morrisons) factory at Burton Weir Works in Sheffield, England.

Wagon bits are longer than standard augers and are typically used for larger scale work, more often timber framing than wagon building or millwrighting these days, but if you want a long straight hole in a big piece of wood, these are just the job.

The Scotch nose is suitable for use in all types of hardwood and softwood, green or seasoned alike, as long as you stay a couple of inches in from the ends it will bore into just about anything. The hole produced usually isn't quite as clean as you might get with a Jennings bit, but it will be very straight; as well as being strong those rearward facing spurs are completely unaffected by grain direction or imperfections in the wood. Wagon bits are typically not quite as finely finished as other types, they are a bit more agricultural which is reflected in the price.

Individual bits may be stamped with either Clico or Morrisons on the shank, others may not have a marking at all but they are all the same product made by the same people in the same place. Some may have protective wax on the tips, others may not. After over a decade in storage, there may be a touch of surface rust and other minor blemishes.

Overall length: 14" approx

Twist depth: 10" approx

Please do not drill past length of flute as this may result in breakage.