Mortise and Tenon Issue 11


M&T is a beautiful biannual print magazine from the US celebrating the preservation, research, and recreation of historic furniture. With no ads, and 144 pages printed and perfectly bound on 70# opaque uncoated paper, this is not just any magazine, this is a coffee table magazine.

They believe a full appreciation of period furniture-making practice comes from an integrative approach where your mind is as engaged as your hands are in learning. For this reason they have essays to expand your knowledge, tutorials to expand your skills, and interviews with the masters to inspire you to better work.

Meet the most dedicated period furniture makers today producing the very best in authentic preindustrial craftsmanship.

Get a behind the scenes look into the life and work of the most accomplished furniture conservators that are entrusted to treat some of the most important US cultural artifacts.

Sit down with the USA's most preeminent furniture scholars and read about their life, furniture, and scholarship methodology.

Issue 11 includes:

  • Weaving Academic Research with Handcraft in the Restoration of a Loom
  • Discovering the Trade, Art, & Mystery of 18th-century Cabinetmaking
  • Understanding the Medieval Socket Axe
  • The Value of Batch Production Woodworking
  • Fancy Windsor Chair Production in Early America
  • Examination of an Early 19th Century Chest of Drawers
  • The Story of Foxfire's 50 Years of Appalachian Handcraft
  • The Story of Chairmaker Richard Poynor
  • The Drawknife & the Butterfly Effect