Mujingfang Ebony Mini Hollow Plane 9mm Radius

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Beautifully crafted in solid ebony with a superb HSS iron and brass lever cap, this little plane creates a 9mm radius bullnose profile, usually used to soften and strengthen the edges of thin boards; for drawer or shelf dividers, trays for jewellery boxes etc. In conjunction with careful mitres, the bullnose edge can create a beautifully subtle and understated effect.

It can also be used with overlapping cuts to create roundovers on corners or circular items like fishing rods or dowels up to 9mm radius. The concave edged blade is maintained with a slipstone and strop.

  • Body: Ebony
  • Lever Cap: Brass
  • Blade: W/V HSS RC63-64
  • Length: 90mm
  • Width: 25mm
  • Cutting width: 9mm