Mujingfang Taiwanese Style Flat Profile Ebony Plane with HSS blade 245mm

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Taiwanese style planes have a simple iron secured with a metal wedge very similar to a Japanese chipbreaker, the difference is that on a Japanese plane the iron is held independently and the chipbreaker can be removed or added at will, on a Taiwanese plane it is just there to hold the iron in place. If you are just getting started with oriental planes, these are a great place to begin.

The HSS iron is hardened to RC63-64, well within the RC70 that the steel is potentially capable of but still harder than most tool steels. With this heat treatment the HSS delivers a very pleasant balance of edge retention, sharpenability and toughness.

  • Length: 254mm
  • Width: 58mm
  • Bedding Angle: 42.5deg
  • Iron: 1-7/8" / 48mm solid HSS