Narex 8105 Bevel Edged Chisels Set of 6

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  • The set of 6 includes: 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 & 26mm chisels
  • Handle: Stained beech with chromed steel ferrules
  • Overall length: approx 270mm (10.6")
  • Blade length: approx 100mm (4")

The original 8105 range of Narex chisels have a few characteristics that differentiate them from other general purpose bevel edged chisels in this price range. Narex chisels are accurately machined, nicely balanced, isothermally hardened, and have the light pointable feel of a proper bevel edged chisel.

Isothermal hardening is much more accurate and even than induction hardening, producing a uniform and consistent hardness of RC59 through the front 75% the blade.

Narex uses Chrome Manganese steel, which was specifically developed for making edge tools using this process. In use it is indistinguishable from other good quality high carbon steels and is notably really nice to sharpen, with excellent stone feel and plenty of feedback.

The backs of the blades are very good indeed, typically taking only a few minutes to prepare for first use.