Narex 8116 Cabinetmakers Chisels Set of 6 (natural)

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The set of 6 includes: 6, 10, 12, 16, 20 & 26mm chisels

Regular price of these items if purchased separately: £117.90

The 8116 series of Narex chisels are accurately ground, affordable, Cabinetmaker's chisels with fine edges and close tolerance backs.

Narex forge the chisel blades from Chrome Manganese (CrMn) spring steel and isothermally harden it to produce a very even and consistent bainitic structure at RC59 +/-1. In use, Chrome Manganese steel delivers similar performance to carbon steel but is more efficient to produce.

The 8116 cabinetmaker's Narex chisels have shouldered teardrop hornbeam handles. They will withstand taps from a mallet without the surface becoming marred and uncomfortable to use when paring. The hornbeam handles are lightly waxed to protect the timber whilst retaining its and natural colour and feel.

Approximate Measurements: 

Size  Overall Length Handle Length  Useable Blade Length  SKU 
6mm (¼") 250mm (9¾") 110mm (4¼") 95mm (3¾") 811606W
10mm (⅜") 255mm (10") 110mm (4¼") 98mm (3⅞") 811610W
12mm (½") 258mm (10⅛") 110mm (4¼") 100mm (4") 811612W
16mm (⅝") 262mm (10¼") 110mm (4¼") 100mm (4") 811616W
20mm (¾") 265mm (10⅜") 110mm (4¼") 100mm (4") 811620W
26mm (1") 273mm (10¾") 113mm (4½") 103mm (4⅛") 811626W

Note: These chisels are sold without a box. If you want a presentation box set - then please click here.