Narex Eccentric Wheel Marking Gauge

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Made from polished brass and stainless steel, the Narex wheel marking gauge has a lovely reassuring weight in the hand. The head of the gauge is eccentrically turned so the collar holds the stainless rod off-centre; this increases the registration surface in contact with the wood and makes the gauge more comfortable to hold, so it's as nimble as a 30mm head but sits against the wood like a 50mm.

The hardened tool steel cutter is countersunk so you can set the required offset for your mark with gauge blocks or directly off an internal corner of another component, it also recedes fully into the face of the head for safe storage.

The stem of the gauge is graduated in both metric and imperial and is secured with a nice wide diameter knurled screw that locks and unlocks effortlessly and also serves to prevent the gauge from rolling on the bench.

A latecomer to the wheel marking gauge scene, Narex have had the benefit of everyone else's experience and used it well, producing a marking gauge that ticks all the relevant boxes and comes in at a price that makes it realistic to have two or three in the workshop so that they can remain set for the duration of a project.

Overall length: 193mm

Working range: 0 to 130mm / 5"

Face diameter: 40mm