Narex Pozidriv Screwdriver Set of 3

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Set of 3 contains:

  • PZ1 x 80mm
  • PZ2 x 100mm
  • PZ3 x 150mm

The Pozidriv was developed by the Phillips Screw Company and is an improved version of the Phillips crosshead screw and screwdriver. Pozidriv and Supadriv screwdrivers can be used interchangeably - the difference is that supadriv screws (a third innovation from Phillips Co) allow the driver to be used at a slight angle whereas Pozi screws have to be driven straight.

Narex wood line plus Pozidriv screwdrivers have strong beautifully ground tips. The tips are finished with a black high friction coating, that also serves as a substrate for the high quality chrome plating applied to the rest of the tool.

The handles of the Narex wood line plus range are made from beech wood, stained black, and are triangular in section giving optimal comfort and transmission of torque from the hand. The tang of the driver goes right through, so they can be lightly encouraged with a mallet or small hammer if necessary. The bolster is hexagonal so that a spanner can be used to provide additional leverage for intransigent screws.

To prevent damage to either the driver or the screw head, always use the correct size and shape of driver for the screw.