Narex Richter Mortice Chisels - Boxed Set of Four

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Set contains:

  • ⅛" / 3mm 
  • ¼" / 6mm
  • ⅜" / 10mm
  • ½" / 12mm

Narex Richter mortice chisels are made using the same steel and cryogenic heat treatment as the Richter bench chisels. Crisper on the stone than the more traditional CrMn used in the other ranges, the Cryo hardened steel is highly resistant to chipping, rolling and abrasion, so it takes a little more effort to sharpen but holds an edge for a very long time.

The blades are ground correctly with a small taper in their section (trapezoidal rather than rectangular) and in their length, these tapers are important because they prevent the chisel from behaving like a nail when used for deep cuts. Parallel or 'sash' mortice chisels are used for cutting shallow mortices within a ploughed groove as you would when making a sash window.

The elegant narrow waisted handles are turned from ash, a traditional handle material for tough hardworking tools. They are fitted with a thick steel hoop, pinned to prevent it falling off if the wood contracts, although in time the top will mushroom over creating a nice striking platform.  

Despite their graceful lines, these light mortice chisels are intended to do things that your fine bench chisels shouldn't, pounding into a surface at right angles and levering out chips. The technique is to start with tiny chips and then find a comfortable size and rhythm as the mortice progresses. Leaving the edges sharp for an inch or so back from the tip will help to ensure a clean mortice.

Approximate Measurements:

Size  Overall Length  Handle Length  Useable Blade Length SKU
3mm (⅛") 285mm (11¼") 137mm (5⅝") 115mm (4½") 815103
6mm (¼") 285mm (11¼") 137mm (5⅝") 115mm (4½") 815107
10mm (⅜") 285mm (11¼") 137mm (5⅝") 115mm (4½") 815109
12mm (½") 285mm (11¼") 137mm (5⅝") 115mm (4½") 815113