Narex Spoon Carving Tool - Double Edge

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Narex Spoon Carving Tools are made from the same wonderful high carbon tool steel as their chisels and carving tools. The shape is excellent with large bevels to multiply leverage so the cutting edge slices readily through the wood, the chunky solid beech handle fills the hand properly which reduces the tendency to grip it too tightly - a common cause of fatigue.

This double edged spoon carving knife can be used with either hand, most of the material removal is done across the grain, but having two cutting edges makes it easier to work with the grain for finishing cuts. Obviously care must be taken not to try and apply pressure with the thumb on the back of the blade - if you feel the need to do this then it is either time to sharpen or take lighter cuts (or both).

  • Overall length: 175mm (6.88" approx)
  • Blade radius: 14mm (0.55" approx)
  • Handle length: 112mm (4.80" approx)
  • Bevel: left & right