Natural Rozsutec Sharpening Stone - Large

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Imagine a natural sharpening stone that cuts quickly, wears slowly, leaves a fine polish and is also relatively inexpensive – the famous Roszutec stone offers a sweet spot that few others can match.

Used as a splash and go, Roszutec stone is equivalent to about 9 microns, just on the boundary between a misted finish and a mirror finish. If you give the stone a soak for a few minutes and finish up with clean water and light pressure you'll get the full mirror polish. The resulting edge will easily shave your arm and is adequate for the vast majority of woodworking applications.

Roszutec stone can be used with either oil or water, but it's best to stick to either one or the other. The stones are well cut for natural sharpening stones but will still need the working surfaces dressing before use, a couple of minutes lapping on coarse abrasive should be plenty.

Generously sized and very keenly priced for a fine natural polishing stone, this inch and a quarter thick brick will keep your edges sharp for decades.

Dimensions: 200mm x 60mm x 30mm

Sourced from Malá Fatra, Slovakia.