Okeya White Paper Kogatana Marking Knives - Set of 2

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A general purpose knife and a fine and delicate one.

Our Kogatana knives are handmade in Japan by Okeya, a traditional family blacksmithing business that has specialised in Kogatana knives (of which kiridashi, and kasaya are a sub-types) since 1927. They have lately started producing a range of very good value kitchen knives as well.

We have selected a ground finish, so these knives are slightly thinner than the standard hammer finished version. The bluing that occurs during heat treatment is left on, providing an aesthetically pleasing surface that is both grippy and corrosion resistant. The rear of the two thicker blades are very finely ground into a shallow depression or 'ura' that facilitates ease of honing, as a finishing touch each blade is then honed by hand.