Narex Rosewood Marking Knives

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The Narex marking knife is a lovely blend of efficient modern production for the steel part and traditional handwork of the brass rivetted rosewood hafted handle. Available in a range of three thicknesses to cover a broad range of tasks.

Used in place of a pencil for laying out joinery, the thin accurate line can be cut to with great accuracy and provides positive engagement for the tip of a chisel. Thanks to the double bevelled design the line can be placed precisely coplanar with features to the left or right by simply flipping the tool over. 

The finger indents allow for an alternative grip, useful for exerting pressure closer to the tip on the thick one for cutting resistant materials like leather or veneer or holding the thinner versions like a pencil for close work - following a template for example.

Available in three thicknesses; 2.5mm (rigid with a nice bit of mass), 1.2mm (thin but still quite stiff), & 0.75mm (chunky handled springy scalpel)

Handle: Hand finished rosewood hafting with brass pins

Blade: Stainless steel, hardened to 57 HRc