Pax 1776 Dovetail Saw Rip 12" 15tpi

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Made exclusively for us, this version of the Pax 12" dovetail with a reduced blade depth of 2" and 15tpi, offers a nice long efficient stroke, a very fast cut, and teeth that are comparatively easy to maintain.

A popular combination for general work was a dovetail saw for all small work (not just dovetails), and a sash saw for the bigger stuff, both filed with just a touch of fleam. As well as doing an efficient job on individual boards, the 12” DT can be used on components ganged together in the vice, so you can cut several joints at once.

  • Blade length:12" 
  • Blade depth: 2"

In 1776, when America was still a British Colony and Thomas Chippendale Senior was still accepting commissions for his exquisite furniture, another Yorkshire born Thomas - Thomas Sanderson of Attercliffe near Sheffield, set about making the first ever Pax handsaw.

Today's Pax 1776 Saw is a faithful reproduction, new and improved 2017 version has a handcrafted walnut handle secured with a pair of brass split nuts, hand filed teeth and a hand polished folded brass spine. Flamboyant blade etchings didn't come along until the 19th century so there's just a quietly understated engraving on the spine to tell you what it is and where it comes from.