Pax 1776 Sash Saw Crosscut 16" 11tpi

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Sash saws are designed for larger scale work; bringing wide boards to length over a pair of bench hooks, kerfing panels for bending, sawing joinery for timber framing and so on. The generous 3" plate depth provides plenty of capacity beneath the brass back.

Made in Sheffield, the PAX range of saws feature solid brass folded backs, hardened and tempered plates and hand sharpened teeth, they are a true pleasure to own and use.

Settle into a nice smooth rhythm like a steam train, keep an eye on the reflection of the wood in the sawplate, and just let the 11 teeth per inch do all the work.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Size: 16"
  • Overall Length: 520mm (20½")
  • Cutting Length: 430mm (16⅞")
  • Handle Length: 170mm (6⅝")
  • Useable blade Depth: 80mm (3⅛")
  • Tpi: 11tpi
  • Cut: Crosscut