Purpleheart (Bolivian) Bowl Blank 6" x 6" x 3"

Wood Diameter:
Wood Depth:
Purpleheart (Bolivian)
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The striking colour of Purpleheart (peltogyne spp.), combined with its strength and durability make it a favourite timber for furniture, box making and woodturning.

The colour is at its best three weeks after being worked. If you seal it then with a UV resistant finish and keep it out of direct sunlight, the strength of colour will be preserved. If left unfinished the colour will fade over time to a soft rich purplish brown.

Reactions to purpleheart are uncommon, but if you work with it a lot it is possible to develop a sensitivity. Normal precautions should keep you safe.

  • Species: peltogyne spp.
  • Dimensions: 6" x 6" x 3" approx
  • Origin: Bolivia
  • Sample photo for illustration purposes only