Quangsheng Low Angle Block Plane (Type 3)

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One of our most popular tools, the Quangsheng low angle block plane is a really useful piece of kit. Block planes tend to be among the first tools that people buy, they are a staple of the basic toolkit for most types of woodworking.

Block planes are used for chamfering waste to eliminate breakout, tidying up the ends of boards after cutting to length, and fixing any slight inaccuracies from the earlier stages of production. The short sole makes them ideal for tidying up little patches of tearout and their relatively light weight means that after a while you almost use them without thinking.


  • Bronze cap and brass fittings
  • T10 iron hardened to RC60-63
  • Sole Dimensions: 6½" x 1¾" (165mm x 44mm)
  • Bedding angle: 12 degrees
  • Primary bevel: 25 degrees
  • Supplied as standard with the 25 degree iron

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.