Quangsheng Luban No. 93 Large Shoulder Plane

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The Quangsheng Large Shoulder Plane is a broader heavier version of the other Quangsheng shoulder planes. Like its siblings it has an adjustable mouth and a super smooth Type 3 adjustment mechanism similar to those found on the current model block planes.

8¼" long and 1" wide the large shoulder plane tips the scales at 1.8Kg or just over 4lbs. The body is cast from CR40 steel and precisely ground for squareness and truth. The swan neck lever arm is cast stainless steel.

Shoulder planes are used for finishing and fine tuning the mating surfaces of joints. They are not really a core tool (although you do need at least one plane in your arsenal that can reach into the corner of a joint) but rather one that you invest in when you are ready to take the quality your work to the next level.

The additional mass of a large shoulder plane provides excellent registration to the batten, corresponding joint surface or planing block, so although they feel huge when you first pick them up, for many applications they are easier to use than a small or medium sized tool.

Please note that we are unable to ship Quangsheng products to North America due to retail exclusivity restrictions.