Ray Iles Deep Spoon Carving Tool (Left)

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Carving green wood into spoons, bowls, kuksa and other items has to be one of life's simplest and most soul nourishing pleasures. It is all the more enjoyable if you have invested in good quality knives that are comfortable to use for long periods.

The deep spoon carving knife is designed for getting inside tight corners, this tool is traditionally used for spooncarving, bowls, Kuksa, etc. but is suitable for carving any relatively tight radius hollow.

Hand forged O1 carbon steel, carefully heat treated to give a smooth, crisp edge that is both long lasting and easy to maintain.

At first glance the beech handles look fairly ordinary, but they fill the hand perfectly and give superb control.

  • Overall length: 167mm (6.57" approx)
  • Blade radius: 15mm (0.59" approx)
  • Handle length: 123mm (4.84" approx)
  • Bevel: Left