Ray Iles Gents Drawknife

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The Ray Iles gents drawknife has a slender blade forged from 01 high carbon tool steel with a 6" (150mm) cutting edge. It is fitted with elegant, slightly splayed handles, beautifully turned from English yew and fitted with solid brass ferrules.

In spite of the name 'gent's drawknife' this light, delicate and precise tool is ideally suited to those with smaller hands and youngsters involved in the craft of green woodworking.

The historical precedent for the name is the idea of a gentleman (as opposed to a working man) making small refined pieces for pleasure rather than profit. Tools referred to as 'gentleman's' or 'gents' therefore tend towards the smaller end of the size range, are easier to use and typically have a touch more finesse than their workaday brethren.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Overall Length: 290mm (11")
  • Cutting Edge: 150mm (5")
  • Blade Depth: 15mm (")
  • Blade thickness: tapers down from 5mm (3/16")