Ray Iles Plane Iron RI007 (Record 077, 311)

Blade Width:
1 1/8"

Ray Iles RI007 1⅛" (29mm) bull-nose rabbet plane iron fits Record 077, 077A, 311 and Preston equivalents.

Approximate Measurements:

  • O1 carbon steel hardened to RC59-61
  • Overall Length: 110mm (4")
  • Blade length: 28mm (1")
  • Blade width: 29mm (1")
  • Blade thickness: 2mm (")

Record 077 rabbet planes are used by woodworkers and cabinetmakers to trim shoulders and tenons. The 1⅛" wide blade is slightly wider than the body of the plane and set bevel up at a low angle. The blade has a slot which engages with the screw adjuster to give a finer and more accurate blade adjustment.

Ray Iles RI007 to fit the following modern bull-nose rebate planes:

  • Record 077
  • Record 077A
  • Record 311
  • Preston equivalents