Ray Iles Plane Iron RI023S 2-3/8"

Blade Width:
2 3/8"

Ray Iles RI023 2⅜" (60mm) plane iron, 2mm thick, O1 carbon steel hardened to RC59-61.

This high quality thin iron is designed as a drop in replacement for valuable old tools where alteration of the mouth may adversely affect their value. Installing a Quangsheng or Clifton cap iron with this blade will give 80-90% of the benefit that would be achieved with a thicker iron.

Approximate Measurements:

  • Overall blade Length: 190mm (7½")
  • Blade Width: 60mm (2")
  • Blade thickness: 2mm (")

Ray Iles RI023S to fit the following planes:

  • Stanley No.4½ (Bailey pattern or Bedrock pattern)
  • Stanley No.5½ (Bailey pattern or Bedrock pattern)
  • Stanley No.6 (Bailey pattern or Bedrock pattern)
  • Stanley No.7 (Bailey pattern or Bedrock pattern)
  • Record No.04½
  • Record No.05½
  • Record No.06
  • Record No.07
  • Quangsheng No.6
  • Quangsheng No.7
  • equivalents