Ray Iles Spokeshave Iron RI010A Thick (Stanley 151)

Blade Width:
2 1/8"

Ray Iles RI010A 2 19⁄64 inch (58mm) spokeshave iron, 3mm thick O1 carbon steel hardened to RC59-61.

Stanley 151 spokeshaves are used by woodworkers for chairmaking and shaping endgrain. It can be used like a small hand plane and performs equally well on flat and curved surfaces. The Stanley 151 spokeshave is adjustable and can be fitted easily with replacement blades. A thicker blade will tighten the mouth opening and reduce chattering. The O1 carbon steel ensures that the blade will keep an edge for a long time.

Ray Iles RI010A (thick) to fit the following adjustable spokeshaves:

  • Stanley 151
  • Stanley 151M
  • Stanley 151R
  • Stanley 152
  • Record A151
  • Record A151R
  • Record 0151
  • Record 0151R
  • equivalents