Ridgway 'Made in England' Set of 10 Jennings augers & centre bits AG091

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An unusual stamp, presumably to comply with an export requirement that country of origin be stated, the first of which was the USA's 1891 McKinley Tariff, however I believe these to be later as they appear closer in design to the post WW2 '240 series' marks.

Condition is superb, several of them may never have been sharpened, The set didn't have a 1/4" so we have added a TOGA in similarly good condition.

Jennings Sizes: 4,5,6,8,10,12

Centre Bits: 14,16,18,20 plus 3/4 countersink and double ended screwdriver.

Supplied in a new auger roll with new auger file.

These auger bits are pre-owned and not covered by our Lifetime Warranty - please see Terms and Conditions.