Rottenstone 100g


Mainly used in the French polishing process this fine natural powder abrasive removes tiny scratches, dust nibs, brush marks and minor imperfections on wood to enhance the overall finish and sheen. Suitable for use with varnish, shellac, lacquer and paint finishes, and to polish ceramics and most metals it can be used either dry or with a light oil as a lubricant with a lint free cloth.

Use to cut back Shellac, French polish or Varnish, Rottenstone can also be used as a pore filler for darker timbers or to produce an instant aged patina, on newly restored antiques, modern, furniture mirror and picture frames etc. by applying a light dusting to the surface and then brushing off any excess.

hazard warning symbol

Hazard warning:

  • Do not breathe dust - it can causes damage to lungs through prolonged or repeated inhalation
  • Ensure adequate ventilation when using.
  • We recommend wearing respiratory protection
  • Dispose of contents/containers in accordance with local regulations