Shibano Kensaki Spear Point Marking Knife


Spear point (kensaki) marking knives have a lovely long thin point that can get into all sorts of awkward places. The disadvantage is that the thin section at the tip is very delicate, so they should be stored and used with great care and engage the wood at a low angle so that you are cutting with the edge rather than scratching with the tip.

Crafted by Mr Shibano from Miki City using a layer of blue paper steel (Aogami) forge-welded to a softer steel backing with a hand-hammered tsuchime finish. The non bevelled side has been carefully ground hollow in both its length and width, laying the blade across the width of a polishing stone and drawing it onto the stone with light pressure will remove the burr and polish the underside of the cutting edge, don't try to make it completely flat.

  • Overall Length: 185 mm
  • Width: 15 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • 62-63 HRC