Solid Brass Wheel Marking Gauge with Fine Adjustment


The three component head of this marking gauge features opposing threads giving a very fine micrometer style adjustment. If necessary it can be unlocked, adjusted and re-locked with one hand.

The knurled stainless screws engage in a v-groove milled into the stem providing a very secure lock and preventing any rotation during use.

The hardened tool steel cutter retracts into recess in the head, keeping it safe from damage when not in use.

At 215g it has a nice hefty solid feel in the hand.

This Taiwanese manufactured version doesn't quite have the smoothness of action of the U.S. made original, but it is perfectly serviceable and less than half the price.

  • Total Length: 185mm / 7¼"
  • Adjustment Length: 150mm / 6".
  • Adjustment Graduations: 1mm / 1/16"