Star-M Rulo Drill Stand

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The Star-M Rulo drill stand is used to accurately position holes for both large and small work.  Ideal for chairmaking, furnituremaking, 2nd fix carpentry, roughing out carvings, in fact any situation where you need precisely controlled drilling conditions. In small workshops the Star-M Rulo can offer much of the versatility of a pillar drill whilst occupying a fraction of the space.

The cast aluminium base has a grippy rubber sole to resist movement when other clamping methods are not possible.
Four screw holes are incorporated for fixing, either to the workpiece, a sub-base, or a shop made jig.

Two built in V blocks allow cylindrical work to be drilled accurately, for example intersecting chair stretchers. For maximum stability we recommend screwing the drill stand to the bench for this operation.

With the auger set to plumb, two dowel pins (included) can be screwed into diagonally opposite holes on the underside of the base and rotated into registration to centre the bit on a beam up to 5" (125mm) wide for drilling mortices etc.  To establish repeatable offset for angled work like stair ballustrades we recommend screwing a piece of timber to the base to act as a fence.

The two integral sectors for setting the angle between the bit and the surface of the work have a range of 45 degrees either side of perpendicular. You can set the desired angle with either one, but please be sure to lock both Bristol levers before commencing drilling.

Both legs have depth stops to restrict the depth of the hole as required.

Recommended for use with corded drills or cordless drills over 14.4v (not impact drivers).

  • Max bit diameter: 57mm
  • Max bit length: 220mm
  • Chuck capacity: 1.5 to 13mm
  • Shank 3 flats
  • Max RPM: 2500 (reckon to use slower speeds to maximise available torque)

Download instructions here