Starrett 683M-1Z CHAMFER GAUGE

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Length     :     48 in
Thickness     :     1/10 in
Width     :     1-1/2 in
Measuring System     :     Imperial
Graduations     :     16R - Quick-Reading 32nds, 64ths, Aircraft Quick-Reading 50ths and 100ths
Material     :     Heavy Spring Tempered Steel
Finish     :     Satin Chrome
  • Machine-divided rules provide uniformity of line width and depth
  • Graduations are generally deeper than cheaper, photoengraved rules and will last longer
  • The numbering size and style is distinctive and more readable than ordinary rules
  • Quick reading figures are furnished with finer graduations for easier counting
  • No-glare satin chrome finish for easier reading and rust resistance
  • Ground square on both ends provides better efficiency through the ability to read from either end on all edges
  • Advanced, staggered graduations when reading lines, it is much easier to count lines of differing lengths than those that resemble a comb
  • Graduations are staggered in a height pattern that makes reading easy
  • Double row of in figures and each edge represents the bottom edge reading left to right