Starrett C359DZ Precision Universal Bevel Vernier Protractor 12"

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Starrett 359 Precision Universal Bevel Vernier Protractors with fine adjustment are designed for precision measuring and for laying out angles.

  • The protractor is one of the most valuable and useful tools for the kit of every good toolmaker, inspector or machinist
  • 300mm (12") blade can be rotated to the desired angle and adjusted to the desired length
  • Both the dial and the blade can be locked independently
  • An acute angle attachment is available
  • Flush surfaces on the base permits use on height gauges
  • One side of the tool is flat so it can be laid on paper or on the work
  • Satin chrome finish on all reading surfaces - eliminates glare and resists rust
  • Sharp, machine-divided graduations
  • Machine-divided graduations read to 5 minutes (1/12 of a degree) and accuracy is finer than can be read
  • The most convenient, ultra-sensitive fine adjustment for precision setting
  • Made in America
  • Blade Length (in): 12"
  • Blade Length (mm): 300mm
  • Graduations: 5 min. or 1/12 degree
  • Range (Deg): 0-360
  • Supplied in a wooden case