Stearated Non-Loading Abrasive Rolls 5m x 115mm

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This highly flexible, open-coat abrasive paper is precoated with stearic acid, a dry lubricant that helps to prevent abraded material from loading (sticking to) its surface, thereby extending its useable life. Open coat refers to the particles being separated from each other - improving flexibility and giving a more uniform finish.

The particles are Aluminium Oxide - the stuff that rubies and sapphires are made from - at around four times as hard a garnet it is very durable indeed.

Particularly effective on very soft or resinous timbers and for keying painted surfaces. This versatile general purpose abrasive works well on all types of timber as well as ferrous and non ferrous metals.

The roll is 115mm wide x 5m long (4 ½" x 16' 4") suitable for use with cut sheet sanders or for hand sanding.

  • P120 grit (particle diameter 125 microns)
  • P240 grit (particle diameter 58 microns)
  • P320 grit (particle diameter 46 microns)
  • P400 grit (particle diameter 35 microns)