Suehiro Shaped Waterstone for Carving Tools 3000 Grit

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With multiple concave and convex profiles plus a large flat surface on the reverse, a whole range of small carving tools can be sharpened easily and consistently using this compact Japanese whetstone.

Keeping the blades at the correct angle, and sliding them gently back and forth in the appropriately sized groove even triangular and round chisels can be sharpened using the convex parts of the whetstone.

These new formula, high-quality white aluminium oxide stones are wear-resistant and non-absorbent so there's no need to soak, simply sprinkle on some water or wet the stone with your hand and you are good to use immediately. Another option is to put water in the integral tank and dip the chisel in it before sharpening. Comes with its own non-slip rubber stand base to keep the stone secure, with an integral water tank/eraser storage.

  • Coarse grit: #3000
  • Dimensions: 98mm x 65mm x 20mm
  • Includes an eraser for removing grime
  • Made in Japan

Suehiro waterstone sharpening faces