Tajika Shirogami Japanese Scissors 240mm

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Tajika Haruo Scissor Works is a father and son operation from Ono City in the Hyogo prefecture, near to Kobe (where the beef comes from) and Miki (the Japanese equivalent of Sheffield). The firm was started in 1928 by Takeji Tajika, and his grandson Takeo and great grandson Daisuke now continue the family tradition of quietly and carefully producing the worlds finest handmade scissors.

You need a good pair of dressmaking scissors to slice through heavy cloth, and a really really good pair to cut near-weightless float away fabrics with precise control.

These beautifully balanced handmade dressmaker's scissors from Japan, with their heavy, razor-sharp, laminated blades will cope admirably with both extremes and everything in between.

Edge steel – hand forged Yasukihagane white paper No.1

Please note: Because these scissors are made entirely by hand there may be a slight variance from the stated dimensions. The focus is on flawless performance rather than exact dimensional conformity.